Data Breaches: Have I been Pwned?

Every day it seems as if more and more data breaches occur and many of these cases the company that was breached doesn’t disclose this information to you.

If you have ever been curious if,

Your data has ever been stolen from another company?

Your personal data is publicly available to anyone with internet access?

Any of your previously or current passwords could be compromised.


This is where lets you know if your information has been compromised. The website is a database of over 4,700,000,000 accounts that have are vulnerable due to data breaches that lets you search your email address or username for free to see if your information was compromised.  This data is gathered from thousands of sources including dark web sites where malicious users frequent to get information on their next potential victims. Be proactive with your data and account security and see if you’re compromised.

Use at your own risk and happy self-background checking : )


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