What is Airdrop in iOS7?

If you are like the many out there, you were forced to join the new operating system that Apple pushed out. I see both sides of the table when it comes to liking the new operating system. On my phone, iPhone 5, it works great and actually seemed to enhance my experience. Also, it works great on my IPAD. It doesn't work great however, on iPhone 4 or 4S. It locks up on the 4 series and just is over janky. I even tried to downgrade back to iOS 6 but the almighty Apple has denied that option now. Because of this, I guess it's time to learn all the tips and tricks and what your new operating system can do! That is, until you can get the new Galaxy.... totally not advocating this though :)

So iOS7 has a short cut menu feature that if you slide up with your finger a control panel with shortcuts comes up. This is where AIR DROP is enabled or edited. AIR DROP is similar to the "CLOUD" functionality in that you can share items over a network. If there is another IPHONE user nearby that has AIR DROP enabled, you two can "share" pictures, contacts, and video.

I've tried it. It's easy and quick but nothing to write home about. I am so used to messaging pictures and video that it is just more of a shortcut to share info. But I say use it, that way at least you know your using the new operating system to it's full potential.

You can turn this function off however, that way it doesn't constantly search for a buddy in the area and kill your battery.


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