10 Ways to be Healthy at Work

1. Eat Healthy All Day

Ever have those days when your just exhausted at work either from the night before or just because you had a busy morning? I know for me I like to "reward" myself for my bad day with some slew of greasy food. While this might make me feel better for my lunch break, it really is just adding to my stress. I know it may not make sense but the best way to solve daily work stress is to eat healthy ALL day. Starting with the first meal of your day, breakfast. You should eat your most hearty meal in the morning, when you need the energy, and continue the healthy eating through out the day to avoid crashes.

2. Set Up A More Ergonomic Workspace

Crown IT Consultants are very familiar with ergonomic workspace. We are computer techs! But not just techs deal with sitting all day. It may not seem like it is much but sitting at your desk can wreak havoc with your wrists, back, neck, and other body parts if done improperly. It doesn't take a fancy chair with arch support or even an expensive desk with all sorts of doo-dads. Just knowing the proper alignment for your mouse and keyboard and practicing good posture.

3. Get Up And Move

Having a good desk set up isn't for you to sit at? That's right. Now that you have your awesome ergonomic desk for you to work at, try to also get up during working hours to stretch. All you need is 5 minutes every once in a while.

4. Avoid Eyestrain At Your Computer

Every get eye pain or headaches at the end of the day when you get behind the wheel of your car and not sure why? It is probably because you have been staring at a computer screen all day. Taking daily "eye" breaks can do wonders. All you have to do is look away for about a minute at anything; a window, a picture on your desk, close your eyes.

5. Be Friends With Your Coworkers

Talking about a weekend and being chumy with coworkers can be distracting, but being friends with them can actually make work a lot less stressful. Even if we are just talking about productivity, knowing with coworkers will help you in a bind is incredibly useful.

6. Fit More Exercise To Be Fit

Plain and simple, exercise helps body, mind, and soul.

7. Cultivate Personal Rituals That Keep You Sane

It may seem silly, but keeping up with your daily rituals can calm you down. From reading the newspaper or enjoying your cup of coffee alone can really improve your mental and physical health. You already need to take daily breaks as I have advised above, might as well enjoy it!

8. Get Better Sleep

You already know bad sleep can make your day that more strenuous and and add more stress, but very few of us actually do something about it. Try sneaking in a nap at work in your car and on your lunch break. Even a short power nap can keep you productive and creative.

9. Work Smarter Not Harder

Working yourself to the bone can cause stress and really weigh on your health. Using your time efficiently and doing your most important work during your body's highest energy hours can do wonders.

10. Leave Work!

The average person works more than 40 hours per week without realizing it. Even though your time sheet shows you at 40 we all know you stay around to finish work, get ahead, or goof off. Go home! Go visit your family, go to the gym and leave work behind. It is more challenging than it sounds, but well worth it.


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