First Cell Phone Call

40 years ago Martin Cooper, the former vice president of Motorola changed the world as we know it. He made the first cell phone call from a DynaTac phone to the head of resesarch at Bell Labs. It's hard to believe that there was a time without our cell phones. What did people do before mapquest, apps, music, and texting?! We have come a long way from bulky beige carphones in fancy and expensive cars. Here are some fun highlights throughout the years of how far we have come. 1973- First call was made from a 2lb phone 1982- Talking cars appeared on tv 1989- Teens are exposed to a cell phone by the popular tv show Saved by the Bell

1992- First SMS text, LOL is coined

1994- Tetris becomes the first game on a mobile phone

1997- Mobile Payments become popular

2004- The ever popular WI-FI is enabled

2005- Mobile security is newsworthy has the pop culture star, paris hilton's phones gets HACKED

2008- Apple launches IPHONE and APPS in all their gold glory

2009- Web X meetings and augmented reality are introduced allowing mobile data traffic to surpass voice data for the first time

2012- The Pope tweets!

2012- The Olympic Games were streamed live and received 2 billion views


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