The 4th iphone hits san diego on june 24th

I could not be more excited about the new iPhone when it hits on June 24th!

The iPhone really helps being a San Diego computer consultant and helps us give great IT support in San Diego.

The new iphone is going to have multitasking, real live video conferencing, 2 cameras, HD video, the same processor as the ipad, way better graphics, and very robust glass (compared to old versions). This all adds up to be a great way to help San Diego with computer consulting.

I will be the first in line on the 24th so stay tuned to the blog for more on the new iPhone as we will surly be letting all our San diego tech support clients know about all the cool features. Stay tuned for more on the new technology.

If you have any more questions about this new iPhone, call us and let's talk!


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