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Windows 8 there are 2 flavors

It should be known that there are 2 versions of windows 8:
Windows 8 and Windows RT

there are 2 versions of windows 8

Here are the main differences:

  • Windows 8 can run all regular desktop applications.
  • Windows RT Can only run Office 2013 and things that are downloaded from the Windows app store.

Windows RT version should only be found on tablet-like devices, similar to the Ipad.

(It should be noted that Windows 8 does not have a start button on either version.)

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Crown Computers San Diego in Snow

One of our guys was up in the mountains and put an amazing sculpture together. What a beauty ah!!!!!!

The 4th iphone hits san diego on june 24th

I could not be more excited about the new iPhone when it hits on June 24th!

The iPhone really helps being a San Diego computer consultant and helps us give great IT support in San Diego.

The new iphone is going to have multitasking, real live video conferencing, 2 cameras, HD video, the same processor as the ipad, way better graphics, and very robust glass (compared to old versions). This all adds up to be a great way to help San Diego with computer consulting.

I will be the first in line on the 24th so stay tuned to the blog for more on the new iPhone as we will surly be letting all our San diego tech support clients know about all the cool features. Stay tuned for more on the new technology.

If you have any more questions about this new iPhone, call us and let's talk!

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iPad madness in San Diego

Hi All,

iPad madness in San Diego

I just wanted to mention to everyone here that it's very tough to purchase an 3G iPad here in San Diego. While giving tech support in San Diego, we have found as a computer consulting firm, it is very handy to have an iPad. The application has zero boot time and there is an app for everything you can think of. I was doing network support for a client and I was able to use the iPad to search their network for all things such as network switches, network firewalls, NAS devices and networked printers.

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Increase Productivity with Windows 7 Search Featured

How much time do you spend searching for documents or other files on your computer network? Many studies have been made on this subject, but let's face it… just a few minutes a day adds up to a lot of time.

How much does this really cost? Here's an example based on just 5 minutes a day:

5 minutes a day x 5 days per week = 25 minutes a week

25 minutes x 50 work weeks per year = 1250 minutes (or almost 21 hours per year!)

Multiply that number by the average salary in your company and you'll quickly find that thousands of dollars are going to waste unnecessarily.

With Microsoft Windows 7, you can instantly find any documents on your computer or on a shared network drive right from the Start Menu...

Contact Crown Computers - San Diego IT Support - for a demonstration of Windows 7 today!

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