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How to use your PC with your smartphone

Mobile Apps to Link your PC with your smartphone

Have you ever been in a meeting and forgot those files on your computer? Did you leave any open streams like Netflix and forgot to turn off or pause? Help is just around the corner, well it's in your phone. The top smartphones have some neat apps you can download that let you do just that.

Help - No Start button in Windows 8!

Still not getting used to not having that trusty old START menu?

Here are some tips to help ease the pain

  • Windows key: Shows the new Start screen (Metro).

  • Win + type keyword: Instant application search (same as in Windows 7).

  • Win + D: Standard Windows desktop. Also minimizes/restores all open windows in desktop mode.

  • Win + Q: Shows all installed apps.

  • Win + W: Instant search for settings.

  • Win + F: Instant search for files.

  • Win + I: Settings sidebar (control panel, network, volume, brightness, notifications, and more).

  • Win + P: Shows multi-monitor options, also useful for connecting an external monitor or projector.

  • Win + X: Power user shortcut menu (Device Manager, Control Panel, Command Prompt, Power Options, etc.).

  • Win + Z: Shows App Bar in Metro applications.

  • Win + . (period): Snaps the current Metro app to the right side of the screen. Do it twice and it will snap to the left.

  • Win + . (period) + Shift: Snaps the current Metro app to the left side of the screen.

  • Win + J: Switches focus between snapped Metro apps.

  • Win + Page Up / Down: Moves full-screen Metro app to secondary monitor.

  • Win + Left / Right arrow: Moves and snaps desktop applications in that direction, or to a different monitor.

  • Win + Tab: Switches between open applications. Similar to using the left-upper hot corner with a mouse.

  • Win + L: Locks Windows

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spring cleaning

Help - No Start button in Windows 8!

Spring is in the air!

For many this is a time when we clean out our closets and make do with some new organizing. This can be a headache for others as the thought of going through the mounds of stuff they have put away seems daunting.

Whichever your case I'm sure there is one item in your home or work that you are forgetting (great, one more thing to add to the pile :), your computer or laptop!

Yes, without proper maintenance and cleaning a crash or virus is inevitable. If you have ever had your computer go KAPUTZ on you, you know this feeling is horrible. All your photos, documents, and web information GONE! Oh dear! Hopefully this has not happened to you. Here are some tips to help you get started...

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Safe passwords

Safe passwords are super important!

Have you ever wondered if your password is REALLY safe? Here is a list of the 25 worst passwords you could have.

Do you fall into any of these? If so, don't fear. One of our techs can help you to change and keep your information safe. (Obviously the best best is to also have our anti-spam and anti-virus but a change in password can be a start :)

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Sharing Dropbox files the easy way

Dropbox is an internet based storage and filing system for your documents.

Dropbox - Sharing files the easy way

It is very handy and easy to use but in case the person you are sending files to does not have a free account that they offer you can still use to share documents. While in your account right click a file or folder you want to share and select DROPBOX > SHARE LINK. A new webpage will come up that will ask you to enter recipients email. But if you scroll down a bit more you can see a GET LINK icon. Highlight and copy the link and use in your normal email method. (yahoo, google, outlook)

Unless you want people to change your files you don't need them to have a dropbox account.


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First Cell Phone Call

First Cell Phone Call

40 years ago Martin Cooper, the former vice president of Motorola changed the world as we know it. He made the first cell phone call from a DynaTac phone to the head of resesarch at Bell Labs. It's hard to believe that there was a time without our cell phones. What did people do before mapquest, apps, music, and texting?! We have come a long way from bulky beige carphones in fancy and expensive cars. Here are some fun highlights throughout the years of how far we have come.

1973- First call was made from a 2lb phone

1982- Talking cars appeared on tv

1989- Teens are exposed to a cell phone by the popular tv show Saved by the Bell

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